We empower small business owners by optimizing their bookkeeping processes. Our solutions not only save you an average of 80+ hours annually but also contribute to a significant boost in profitability.

With an average increase of $7,000 per year, you can focus on what truly matters – growing your business with confidence. Let us handle the intricacies of bookkeeping, so you can unleash your full potential and achieve sustainable success.

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Luisa Watts Bookkeeping

Full Service Bookkeeping

Welcome to Luisa Watts Bookkeeping, where our dedication is to offer small businesses precise, timely, dependable, and personalized bookkeeping solutions.

I’m Luisa Watts, dedicated to helping you boost profitability, minimize tax burdens, and reclaim your valuable time.

As the driving force behind this full-service bookkeeping business, I specialize in providing tailored solutions for small businesses and individuals, exclusively leveraging the power of QuickBooks Online.

I am deeply passionate about helping others. Armed with comprehensive training and a diverse array of certifications I bring the tools and expertise needed to give you a clear vision of your business.

While rooted in Spring, TX, just north of Houston, my reach extends across the United States. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, QuickBooks Online stands at the core of our operations, offering unparalleled functionality, security, and seamless integration with other apps. So I can deliver my services to your business no matter where you are in the country.

I understand that each business is unique. I tailor the bookkeeping and tax solutions to align with your specific needs and budget, ensuring a clear roadmap for your business’s future. If you’re a small business owner seeking financial clarity, I invite you to book a free consultation call with me.

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Luisa Watts Bookkeeping

The proven workflow

Consultation & Customized Plan

Book a Free Consultation Call: Start by scheduling a free consultation call with Luisa Watts. This initial step is crucial for discussing your specific business needs, challenges, and financial goals.

Assessment and Tailored Solutions: Luisa will assess your current bookkeeping system, identify areas for improvement, and propose a customized plan. This plan will be designed to streamline your bookkeeping processes, enhance financial clarity, and align with your budget.

Implementation of Bookkeeping Services

Onboarding and QuickBooks Online Setup: Luisa will onboard your business to QuickBooks Online (or optimize your existing setup), ensuring that your bookkeeping system leverages the latest technology for efficiency and security.

Comprehensive Bookkeeping Execution: With services ranging from accounts payable/receivable, payroll processing, bank reconciliations, to tax services, Luisa will implement the tailored plan. This step involves meticulous management of your financial transactions, ensuring accuracy, compliance, and timely reporting.

Ongoing Support & Strategic Insight

Regular Financial Reviews and Adjustments: Luisa provides ongoing bookkeeping support, including regular financial reports and insights. These sessions offer you a clear understanding of your financial health, helping you make informed decisions.

Strategic Financial Planning: With the time saved and profitability increased, you can focus on strategic planning for your business. Luisa’s role evolves into a strategic partnership, where she offers advice on financial growth strategies, tax planning, and resource allocation to ensure sustainable success.

Remote Bookkeeping

Managing bookkeeping tasks can be both tedious and time-consuming. Our remote bookkeeping services offer you the convenience of entrusting these responsibilities to a professional, freeing up your time and that of your team. This strategic allocation of resources enables you to focus on your business objectives.

With our remote bookkeeping services, you benefit from financial expertise provided by professionals working from a remote location. You will only pay for the services that we provide and be able to save a great deal of time and money as a result.

By granting secure remote access to your financial documents and utilizing online software like QuickBooks, our team ensures your books stay up-to-date, empowering you to take control of your finances, make informed decisions based on data, and drive business growth.

Commonly known as virtual or remote bookkeepers, our online professionals perform tasks identical to traditional on-site bookkeepers but operate from a remote setting. Leveraging online bookkeeping software and mobile apps, they efficiently manage your business finances, allowing you to focus on your core operations.

Our remote bookkeeping services cover a range of essential tasks, including:

1. Accounts Payable:

  • Monitoring purchase orders and invoices
  • Coding invoices with accurate ledger information
  • Obtaining approvals for payments
  • Ensuring timely payment of invoices
  • Detecting and addressing questionable transactions on credit card statements

2. Accounts Receivable:

  • Billing customers for goods or services
  • Creating and sending invoices
  • Ensuring proper entry of invoices into the accounting system

3. Banking:

  • Preparing bank deposits for customer payments and other sources
  • Reconciling bank statements and addressing discrepancies
  • Facilitating wire transfers or ACH preparations

4. General Ledger:

  • Entering information into the general ledger
  • Reconciling general ledger accounts
  • Preparing detailed journal entries and month-end reconciliation
  • Ensuring accurate and balanced accounts before monthly closing

It’s important to note that online bookkeepers are not one-size-fits-all. Tailoring their services to your unique business needs, they recommend a customized scope of work based on your specific goals.  

Luisa Watts Bookkeeping

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My Bookkeeping Services

Small Business Bookkeeping

  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Invoicing
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Credit Card Reconciliations
  • 1099 Reporting
  • Financial Reporting

Payroll Services

  • Payroll Processing
  • Payroll Tax Reporting
  • W-2 Processing 
  • Direct Deposit
  • Payroll Tax Filing

Clean Up & Catch Up Bookkeeping

  • Transaction categorization for all previus months
  • Bank accounts, CC, loans reconciliations for all previous months
  • Update and clean Up of Chart of Accounts
  • Financial reports from previous months/years

Tax Services

  • Business tax preparation (Sole Proprietorship, (LLC, S-Corp, and C-Corp)
  • Individual tax preparation
  • Tax planning
  • Sales Tax  Reporting and Filing

“Partnering with Luisa transformed my business, saving me time and money. Luisa’s expertise in providing dependable bookkeeping services has been great for my business’s growth. Her personalized approach, not only streamlined my financial processes, but also gave me the confidence to focus on expanding my business. Her remote bookkeeping services are a testament to how technology can bring expert financial management right to you, regardless of location. I highly recommend Luisa to any small business owner.”

– Eric Albrecht

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Luisa Watts Bookkeeping different from other bookkeeping services?

Luisa Watts Bookkeeping stands out due to its personalized approach to each client’s needs, offering precise, timely, and dependable bookkeeping services. Leveraging the power of QuickBooks Online, Luisa provides tailored solutions that not only streamline your financial processes but also enhance profitability and save time. With a focus on empowering small business owners and a comprehensive range of services that covers everything from payroll to tax services, Luisa Watts offers a unique blend of expertise, technology, and dedication to client success.

How much time and money can I expect to save with Luisa Watts Bookkeeping?

Clients of Luisa Watts Bookkeeping can expect to save over 80 hours per year on bookkeeping tasks, allowing them to focus more on their core business operations. Additionally, through optimized bookkeeping processes and financial management, clients have experienced an average increase in profitability of $7,000 per year. These savings and financial improvements enable business owners to invest more in their growth and development.

Can Luisa Watts Bookkeeping handle the bookkeeping for a business located outside of Spring, TX?

Yes, Luisa Watts Bookkeeping can efficiently manage the bookkeeping for businesses across the United States. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and QuickBooks Online, Luisa offers remote bookkeeping services that ensure your financial management needs are met with the same precision and dependability as if she were located in your office. This flexibility allows her to provide exceptional service to clients regardless of their geographic location.

Is Luisa Watts Bookkeeping suitable for my small business if I have specific bookkeeping and tax preparation needs?

Absolutely. Luisa Watts tailors her bookkeeping and tax solutions to align with the unique needs and budget of your small business. During the initial consultation, she will discuss your specific requirements and customize her services to offer a clear roadmap for your business’s financial management. Whether you need basic bookkeeping, comprehensive financial reporting, or specialized tax preparation services, Luisa Watts is equipped to support your business.

How do I get started with Luisa Watts Bookkeeping?

Getting started with Luisa Watts Bookkeeping is simple. You can begin by booking a free consultation call with Luisa to discuss your business’s bookkeeping needs. During this call, she will assess your current financial processes, identify areas for improvement, and propose a customized plan tailored to your business. From there, she will guide you through the onboarding process and set up your business with QuickBooks Online, if not already in use, and start the journey towards streamlined bookkeeping and enhanced profitability.

Luisa Watts Bookkeeping

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